Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages

As you age, your life changes. You might find that you begin to lose certain aspects of your independence and require more support to live comfortably. That’s where Home Caring can help. Our team can ensure that you gain the right quality of life with our exemplary home care packages. We deliver a wide range of services through my aged care home care packages, customised and established to meet individual needs.

Home Care Packages Explained

You will always face new challenges as you get older. Home care packages in Armadale are a way to ensure that you can tackle these challenges head on with the right level of support required. The main focus is on ensuring that you maintain as much of your independence as possible, while continuing to live happily in your own home.

The options available through home care packages will depend on individual needs. However, they can include everything from personal care such as hygiene services to support based on lifestyle requirements like transportation.

As well as providing the right level of support, aged care home packages are designed to provide you with more control over all aspects of your life. This does include the different care options that you want and that you receive. You’re free to explore which home care package providers you want to consider when exploring how to improve your life.

By selecting one of the top home care package providers, you can access a client-centric approach to your care and living standards. This means that you’ll never need to worry about getting services that you don’t require and will always be able to access a comprehensive solution that covers all the key areas.

Home Caring Home Care Packages 

We provide a variety of services through our home care packages Armadale residents can explore. This includes:

Where You Should Begin

If you have never used home care packages before, then you might be confused about the next step that you should help. There are so many different options it can be confusing. We’re here to provide the right support and advice whether you need to switch your home care package provider or if you are starting fresh.

Cost Of Home Care Packages

Home care package costs will depend on a variety of factors. For instance, depending on your income, you might need to cover an income tested care fee. Alternatively, you can also access home care packages in Armadale through government funded services including NDIS solutions.

However, the main factor that will impact cost is the home care package level you require. The levels are determined by your needs and individual situation. Levels cover:

  • Home care package level 1
  • Home care package level 2
  • Home care package level 3
  • Home care package level 4

A level 3 home care package or level 4 home care package is provided to individuals with severe needs or requirements. For instance, it could be suitable for people who are displaying the late stage signs of dementia. A level 4 aged care package could also be suitable if people are struggling to maintain a high level of independence or struggling with a condition that severely impacts their mobility.

In contrast a level 1 home care package or level 2 home care package is more suitable for basic needs where individuals just require a little additional support to achieve the best quality of life.

Why Choose Home Care Packages From Home Caring

As mentioned, when exploring home care packages in Armadale, you will always have your choice of home care package providers. While we are not the only company providing these services to residents we aim to be the best.

All of our carers are highly trained and passionate about delivering the best support to every client, regardless of their budget or individual needs. We do not believe that a one-size fits all approach to care delivers the right results. Instead, we’ll work to ensure that we address your real needs, concerns and issues. We will also put a strong focus on your unique goals and lifestyle objectives that you hold near and dear to your heart. We don’t just want to help you live, we want you to thrive and gain the most you can from your twilight years.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key aspects of home care packages. To learn more about home care package levels and how we can help people in SDA accommodation or those living in their own home, get in touch today.

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